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5 ways to help your child if they're struggling with obesity
5 Ways to Help Your Child if They're Struggling with Obesity
If your child has been diagnosed with obesity, it’s important to be mindful of how you approach the situation. If you take an overly critical or belittling tone, your child will just want to hide their struggles from you and may be less inclined to work with your doctor on a weight loss plan. Instead,...
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What Parents Need to Know About Their Teen's Sexual Activity
As your child gets older, it’s very likely that they will start experimenting with sexual activity. In fact, many teenagers these days are engaging in sexual activities before the age of 18 (the legal age of consent). It’s not uncommon to learn about your child’s sexual involvement from another parent,...
The dangers of inhalants and huffing among teenagers
The Dangers of Inhalants and Huffing among Teenagers
Inhalants and huffing can be incredibly dangerous when they are abused, but many teenagers don’t realize the dangers these substances pose. There are many reasons you should never try to use these substances as some of them can cause life-threatening injuries and even death in some cases. To prevent...
21st century teachers:the special skill you need to succeed
21st Century Teachers: The Special Skill You Need to Succeed
If you’re a teacher, the world has changed dramatically since you first started in the profession decades ago. Now, there are many technologies you can use to help your students learn and develop their own skills—from online video lessons to online tutoring and everything in between. You might not have...