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3 Ways to Curb Unhealthy Relationships among Teenagers
Teenagers often find themselves in unhealthy relationships, whether it’s with friends or significant others. It’s important to learn how to avoid these unhealthy relationships and to take an active role in promoting healthy ones instead. This article will teach you three ways to stop this trend and promote...
The negative consequences of sleep deprivation among students
The Negative Consequences of Sleep Deprivation Among Students
Everyone knows the feeling of being groggy, unenergetic, and just plain exhausted in the morning—and it’s no fun. But what may come as a surprise to many is that the negative effects of sleep deprivation do not only occur while you are sleeping. Sleep-deprived individuals are more likely to struggle...
7 gasification tools to help make learning fun for teachers and students
7 Gamification Tools to Help Make Learning Fun for Teachers and Students
One of the main reasons people enjoy video games so much is because they’re fun and engaging. By incorporating elements of game design into lessons, teachers can make learning more enjoyable and effective as well. With gamification tools, you can create and manage your own game to help you teach, which...
Connection between on-screen violence and poor academic performance in students
Connection Between On-Screen Violence And Poor Academic Performance In Students.
Whether you like it or not, your child (or the child of someone you know) probably spends a lot of time watching TV. So much time, in fact, that researchers have even started to examine the effects of too much screen time on children’s health. A recent study has found that there may be another downside...