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How to Use Multiple Intelligence to Create Interesting and Engaging Classroom Activities
Teachers, what are your class activities like? Do they always seem to revolve around memorizing and regurgitating facts? Do you feel like there’s a better way to teach your students without it turning into an exercise in futility? How about using multiple intelligence to teach in new and more engaging...
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The Transformation of Education Begins With Teachers
https://youtu.be/WYeyx3-eiA0 It’s no secret that our education system needs help. In fact, most people agree that our country’s public school system is in need of serious reform, especially when it comes to our math and science programs. Recent studies have shown that we are falling behind the...
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Why High Self-esteem is Important and How to Develop It.
Many people think that high self-esteem comes automatically, but they may not realize just how much of an effect it has on their lives. People with high self-esteem tend to have better romantic relationships, earn more money in the workplace, perform better at school and in extracurricular activities,...
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The Unique Struggle of Teaching Students with Auditory and Language Processing Disorders
No child goes to school with the intention of failing to learn, but auditory and language processing disorders can make the classroom experience extremely challenging. These disorders are extremely difficult to diagnose, often misunderstood by teachers and parents alike and can have an enormous impact...