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Educators'time management tips and tricks
Educators' time management tips and tricks
How do educators manage their time effectively? This question is important for you if you’re about to enter the teaching profession or are already working in it and are looking to improve your management skills. The role of an educator can be tough and complicated at times, which makes effective time...
Student-centered learning and teaching process :how to make it work for you
Student-centered learning and teaching process: How to make it work for you.
Student-centered learning and teaching process is not just the latest trendy educational buzzword; it’s an effective teaching and learning strategy that can help students become engaged, active learners. Through student-centered learning, teachers can create an interactive environment that encourages...
Self-assessment vs peer assessment :which is more effective
Self-Assessment vs. Peer Assessment: Which is More Effective?
When it comes to assessing student learning, instructors often must choose between two popular assessment methods: self-assessment and peer assessment. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks; thus, the decision of which to use depends on factors such as the type of course being taught, the subject...
How to keep your edge as an educator :continuous professional development
How to Keep Your Edge as an Educator: Continuous Professional Development
Your edge as an educator will not remain sharp if you do not continue to develop professionally and personally. In fact, if you don’t continually learn new skills, techniques, and strategies, you risk becoming irrelevant to your student’s needs and learning styles. While it may seem daunting at first,...