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Why We Need to Talk About Father-Daughter Incest
It’s been over five years since the case of Larry Nassar shocked the world and incited an international conversation about father-daughter incest. In the past years, we’ve seen many brave women share their own stories, but we haven’t had much discussion on this topic in popular culture or media outlets....
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Homeschooling vs. Public and Private Schools: Which is the Best Choice for Your Child?
Homeschooling your child has been gaining in popularity over the past few decades. Not only does it allow parents to better tailor their child’s education to their individual needs, but it also allows kids to learn in their own environment, safe from bullying or poor social skills that sometimes hinder...
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Does homework promote learning among students?
There’s no question that plenty of students struggle with the task of completing their homework every day. They argue that it’s boring, pointless, and even unfair to be given work they don’t see a connection to in their everyday lives. However, educators maintain that homework actually helps students...
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5 Ways to Keep Your Best Teachers from Jumping Ship
It’s not always easy to keep your best teachers around, especially if you’re already struggling to keep up with student enrollment. However, retaining the best teachers will help you build better rapport with students and improve the overall performance of your school, so it’s worth whatever effort you...