The Advantages of Digital Citizenship and Self-Control for Students

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Teachers and parents often struggle with students who appear to lack self-control when it comes to how they use technology in class or at home. These kids are constantly checking their phones, texting their friends, or browsing the internet during class time or other designated periods of the day. Digital citizenship and self-control are two concepts that can help teachers, parents, and kids understand the importance of learning how to practice control over their use of technology. The Advantages of Digital Citizenship and Self-Control for Students should be of great concern to all the stakeholders in education.

5 Things Parents Can Do

1. Educate yourself about digital citizenship. There are a lot of resources available online. Start with the Common Sense Media website.
2. Talk to your kids about digital citizenship and why it’s important. Have regular conversations about how they use technology and what they see online.
3. Model good digital citizenship yourself. Be thoughtful about your own online behavior and be sure to set a good example for your kids to follow.
4. Help your kids develop self-control when it comes to technology use. This may mean setting limits on screen time or establishing rules about when and where devices can be used in your home.
5. Encourage your kids to be active participants in their online communities.

5 Things Students Can Do

1. Keep personal information private.
2. Use strong passwords and don’t share them with anyone.
3. Don’t download anything without permission.
4. Be respectful online and don’t engage in cyberbullying.
5. Be aware of the consequences of posting something online before hitting send or post.

5 Things Teachers Can Do

1. Teach kids how to use technology safely and responsibly. This includes learning how to protect their personal information online, not sharing passwords, and not downloading viruses.
 2. Help students understand that there is a real person behind every social media profile. This can be done by talking about cyberbullying and its effects on both the victim and the bully.
3. Encourage students to be active participants in their digital world. This means being thoughtful about what they post online, commenting on other people’s posts, and creating content that is positive and useful.
4. Help students develop a healthy relationship with technology. This includes setting limits on screen time, choosing quality over quantity when it comes to content consumption, and using technology for positive purposes such as connecting with friends and family or learning new things.
5. Help students to develop respect for themselves and others in a digital space. Teachers can also teach students on educating one another on the use of technology. Finally, protection is very important in a digital space. To become good digital citizens, students must learn how to protect themselves.


Students need to know how to navigate the digital space and how to be good citizens in the cyberspace. Keeping safe online is also important and they need to pause before posting bad online. The Advantages of Digital Citizenship and Self-Control for Students should be of great concern to all the stakeholders in education. Please, do share you opinion on this post.

5 thoughts on “The Advantages of Digital Citizenship and Self-Control for Students”

  1. Teenagers as well as adults need to be good digital citizens. We need to keep safe anytime we are in cyberspace. We should always remember that whatever we post on the internet, will forever remain on the internet. Thanks.

  2. Digital citizenship is very important today, all stakeholders must come on board to ensure its done right. Our students must be protected.

  3. Digital citizenship is very important today, all stakeholders, students, parents, the school etc must come on board to ensure our students are protected on the Digital space.

  4. Osifeso Kehinde Kayode

    On the digital space, we must help our kids and students to set limits. This is highly recommended.
    Everyone must be encouraged to first think before writing and posting anything on the cyberspace.

  5. It might be difficult for teenagers to apply self control over the use of technology,that is why parents should check on the type of content their children are going through online. In addition,there are some apps with parental control nowadays, parents should make use of the opportunity.

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